Sunday, July 24, 2011

Like My Mother Does ....

i was driving in to work the other night and heard this song come on the radio. the emotions that came over me were intense.  i almost had to pull over to the side of the road. the lyrics are every bit the way i feel about my own mother. the lines in the road became blurry; i had to slow down and wipe the tears that had begun to stream down my cheeks. i started laughing at myself and immediately thought: "i need to get this song for my mom!"

my mother is strong, loving, warm, opinionated, fun and we are so much alike sometimes that "it's scary." my mother is one of my best friends. she has taught me so much about who i am and continues to show me what kind of woman i aspire to be. i am incredibly grateful for the relationship we have. 

mom - i love you. i cherish what  you and i have built.  i hope to nurture this same type of relationship with my own daughter.    you are an amazing woman.  you make me laugh.  you "get me."  you put up with me when i am grumpy. and i feel empowered knowing that you support my hopes, my dreams and everything i do.  thank you.

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  1. I'm crying ;) thank you for the kind words....I cherish our relationship and love watching you develop a great one with G ;) I was very fortunate to have a great relationship with my mom......she laid the ground work for my "mothering" style.....xox