Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my dear, sweet valentines

my dear, sweet valentines.  

I’ll be very happy
If you’ll be my Valentine;
You’ll fill my heart with joy,
And my day with bright sunshine!
By Joanna Fuchs

i was blessed with 2 sweethearts.  
they are the best gift my husband has ever given me. 
they are truly my sunshine.

one is 5 

and the other is 3.

my husband jokes about valentines day.  he believes we should show some extra love all year round.  i couldn't agree more.  
my goal is to show these two how much they are loved every day of the year.

nico & g,
i love you both very much.
you are two of the most special valentines i could ask for.  one of the things i love most about you is the way you love each other.  i get such joy out of watching you play together.  i am proud of the way you take care of each other. stay sweet. 
love always, mom xoxo