Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sail Away....

Sail Away:  Veronica & Mario

Can't stop thinking about these two.  They chose to sail away on a cruise with their family and closest friends.  They were married at sea this weekend and will spend the rest of their time enjoying the vacation. I love that idea!!

I was fortunate enough to meet Veronica and Mario through my sister in law. And I'm so lucky that I did. These two are adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. They laughed and giggled our entire session.  It was cute.  It was freezing that morning with a light mist falling . And look at Veronica; such a good sport in her cute little white sundress. Mario always made sure she was "ok" and warm enough.  ;)

Mario shared the story of his proposal.  He described how nervous he was and how important it was that things went perfectly.  
Well Mario, we didn't see any deer during your engagement session. But we had a lot of fun and captured some great memories for you!

By now, they are officially Mr. & Mrs.  I am so happy for them.  Congratulations, you two!! Hope you are having a wonderful time sailing away this week.  
xox, amanda jane

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