Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hooray for Pre-K!

1st day of pre-k

this week my son started his pre-kindergarten class.  i love his school.  he has been attending the same preschool for just over a year now but somehow THIS first day got me a little emotional.  he begins his last year of preschool; sort of an end to a chapter, so to speak.  next year, kindergarten will be a big step for him. (and for me, too.)  it is so important that he savor every moment of being a kid.  
having fun.  learning new things.  laughing - a lot.  making new friends.  
i love this face
lately my son has been asking me what it's like to be an adult.  he tells me he wants to be grown up.  my response is usually: "well, i wish i could be a kid again. i'll trade ya!"  he just laughs and tells me i am being silly.  yea i guess it is silly but it's true sometimes. i tried to explain that adults have something called responsibilities but i don' think he quite gets it and that's ok.

my son had a hard time understanding that some of his friends from last year had graduated preschool and started kindergarten.  because of where his birthday lands in the year we opted to wait an extra year and start him in kindergarten when he is 5 - going on 6.  we are comfortable with that decision but he had difficulty grasping it.   he started his new class this week and loves it.  he is excited about his new friends and activities.  it helped him to know he is now considered one of the "big" kids at school.  he feels very proud to be one of the upper class men of preschool who will head off to kindergarten next fall.
son, enjoy your time at preschool.  don't worry, you will be big soon enough.  each chapter in your life is a journey.  i have loved watching you grow during this journey and look forward to watching you in the years to come.  promise me you'll stay sweet, be a good boy, but most of all have fun and soak up every minute.  i love you.  
xoxo, mom (aka: aj)