Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghesquiere: sounds like "Guess Choir"

ghesquiere family : sounds like "guess choir"

that's how you say it.  don't try to sound it out. if you're like me, you would have never been able to say it correctly. thank goodness karrie gave me this hint "guess choir."  
this family is gorgeous. aren't they?  and they were SO fun. so comfortable and willing to let me click away while they goofed around and did their thing.  we met at galleano winery in mira loma and spent a wonderful afternoon together.  my faithful wing man, sandra was with me and helped to entertain the girls when they were tired of having their pictures taken.  before they got "tired", they were downright amazing.  look at some of these...

beautiful jayden loves her daddy
i love these hearty laughs from these silly girls!

payton - they call her "pj"

this family's faith is solid.  their love for each other runs deep.  it is palpable when you are with them. 
the girls are good. well behaved and so polite.  but there's something more.  they are warm and loving.  
just look at their little faces. jayden's eyes mesmerize me.  it's like she is looking at my soul sometimes.  and payton's cute little face.  i want to eat it up.  
these girls are cute now and are going to be BE-AUTIFUL!  why shouldn't they be?!? just check out their parents...

love their smiles

i was fortunate enough to meet karrie and her girls at my daughter's dance class.  i knew right away i was going to like karrie.  her personality was similar to mine and so was her parenting style.  we exchanged phone numbers and started meeting up for play dates with our kiddos.  these are how friendships happen and i am so glad our friendship happened.  
karrie, pat and girls,  thank you for rounding up your troops and meeting us at the galleano winery for a great afternoon.  it has been truly a pleasure meeting all of you. 
sandra, once again - thanks for being the wind beneath my wings and helping me.  I cherish your love and support.  xoxo amanda jane


  1. You're a rock star! Love you! xoxo

  2. what a beautiful family! great job capturing such a memorial moment for them!

    xo suedoo