Friday, March 2, 2012

sweet engagement shoot: justin and jessica

justin and jessica are getting married!  and i am thrilled and so deeply honored that they asked me to be a part of it!
we scheduled their engagement shoot for a gorgeous afternoon at crystal cove state beach in the historic district.  i love what we captured and am excited for their special day!

justin and jessica's wedding is this summer.  justin is a friend of mine whom i met through work.  he is sweet and good and strong.  justin has been a big supporter of amanda jane photography since the very beginning and as soon as he proposed to jessica, he contacted me about pictures.  this touched me deeply.  i am very proud to have the distinct pleasure of photographing their wedding.
their event represents a huge marker in the growth of amanda jane photography. 
  justin and jessica will be one of my first weddings .  this fact is scary and exciting me to me all at the same time.  a whole new chapter.  i am up for the challenge and get giddy thinking about it.

this family becomes a party of 3

this turquoise make her hair and skin look radiant

do you remember young love? remember how fresh and new it all is.  how exciting it is with butterflies in  your stomach?  i do.  these two made me remember that all over again.  justin and jessica, i loved our time together.  cheers to you and i look forward to watching you all become mr. & mrs.  congratulations!! and thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  thank you for believing in me and amanda jane. <3