Thursday, August 16, 2012

laguna beach: toes in the sand

laguna beach: toes in the sand

i was able to escape some of the scorching heat and head into laguna beach for a shoot this week.
felt incredible to be by the water. and was so much fun chasing these 2 around.
their mother is a genius for scheduling photos at the end of summer. she's ahead of the game for holiday cards and is comforted knowing she won't stress about it as the chaos of the school year begins around her. 
here's just a little sneak peek of just some cute toes :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

hale family: just like family

hale family: just like family

this family has a special place in my heart.  
they are friends with my little brother and sister in-law. 

mike is a marine stationed at 29 palms. he and his wife met my brother and sister in law when they were all living in idaho and have been friends ever since.  i will always appreciate how they "took care" of my family when they lived away from us.  now that mike and chelsey are stationed here in california, we are able to return the favor.  

hale family, i have enjoyed our holidays and summer fun adventures with you cheers to many, many more!!
xoxo amanda
ps - chelsey, did you happen to notice how many pics that darn cat was in? he was everywhere. it was like "where's waldo?"!!  ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

special projects: head shots -kelsey's edgy look

my friend and i often joke that a blog is like having another baby. it takes attention and nurturing; a lot of time.  something i have been short on a lot lately.  unfortunately my baby blog has been neglected.  so with the start of the school year and since both of my littles will be in class, i have made myself a promise.  a promise to give my blog more tender, loving care. even if it's to do a quick post here and there. but i want to share what i have been up to. because believe it or not, i have been up to a lot.  therefore my blog has been nearly abandoned.  i am back.  with a renewed sense of blogging.  cheers to being inundated by amanda jane!

special project: head shot - kelsey's edgy look

i had the distinct pleasure of working with this young lady a few months back. she came to me in need of some new head shots.  she wanted several different looks. this was kelsy's "edgy look."   isn't she edgy
my stylist, jess led us to an abandoned warehouse where we brushed the dust aside and got to shooting.  see for yourself. would you hire her to model?  i sure would.  i intend to. 
 i hope to work with kelsey again in the very near future. 

a huge shout out to jessica fredrick with styles by jess for the hair and make up you see here. love you girl; love our adventures!