Saturday, July 30, 2011

Would YouBuy Pink Lemonade From This Cutie?

my girlfriend and i were working together a couple of weeks ago when she turned to me and said "my baby turns one and i need a theme for her birthday party."
my first question was "what are the colors are you using for the party?"
"i don't know" she says "maybe pink and yellow."
"how about Pink Lemonade?" i ask.  
and there began the theme for sadie's first birthday party.
would you buy pink lemonade from this cutie? 
i sure would.  isn't she delicious? 
she is as cute as she is sweet.  
sadie turns 1!

her mommy and i started coming up with all kinds of ideas for her party.  
of course, we would need some thematic pictures to go with it.  
sadie's mommy got to work making her lemonade stand.  i cranked up the ole' sewing machine and crafted her a personalized onesie to wear.  
last but not least, we had to have lemons - lots and lots of lemons!

she is SO big!
my wingman sandra captured this one


sadie turns one in august.  she is a beautiful baby with 
that dark hair and china-doll skin.
  so soft and cuddly.  i know she feels how much she is loved.
 i hope she knows how much fun we had that day in the lemon grove taking her picture.  
she let us mess around with her for quite a while before she made a stink about it.   

this was such a fun project for me.  not only did i get to hang out with my girlfriend, but i got to hang out with 2 girlfriends and love on a really tasty little baby.

sadie - thank you for being such a willing party in our crazy idea. you were a great subject for me to practice on.
lauren - thank you for coming out to hang with me and my people and for letting me "practice" on your yummy baby girl.
vanessa - thanks for being a super bubble blower :)
sandra - as always, thank you for being a RAD wingman; you rock. some of the images you caught were incredible!


  1. You are the bestest!!! that was so cool to see this morning and start off my day!! YOU are the awesomest Maverick and thank you for including me in this....I LOVE IT!!!!! =)

  2. The colors & theme are favorites of mine, the baby is precious, the onsie is perfection & I am SO in love with the photography!!! xoxoxo