Thursday, December 29, 2011

the best compliment: tell a friend or 3

the best compliment i could ever receive when it comes to my photography is for someone to refer a friend.  i was lucky enough to experience this during the holiday season. i was also lucky enough to meet a group of amazing new families that i can now call my friends.

this all started with my friend, marisa and her family.  i blogged about her and their adoption adventure in october.  marisa's son plays baseball and she spoke about our session with a couple of the other moms.  i remember her telling me: "i hope it's ok, i gave your number to some of the baseball moms on cameron's team."  ok?  ok??  are you kidding?!!  thank you SO much!  about a week later kim called.

marisa & family

friend #1

"hi my name is kim, i am a friend of marisa's.  we saw her pictures and were wondering if you would do some for our family."  my heart raced.  this was such an honor.  these people were calling me to do their pictures!  i jumped at the opportunity.  i liked kim immediately.  when we met for our session together i instantly warmed to both her children.  it turns out her husband i knew some of the people from high school.  such a small world!

kim & dean
such a fun family to hang with for the afternoon!
kim and you family -  you all were so great! so patient and willing to do whatever i asked of you.  the best part of the day for me was when kim told me about how they used to go to an indoor studio for their photos.  she said "not anymore. this was way better!"  i love that our time together was as fun for you as it was for me!  i look forward to another fun afternoon with you and your family soon. XO 

these kiddos were such fun and i loved every minute with them

friend #2

about a day or so later, my phone rang again and it was michelle.  she explained how she knew marisa and kim and wanted to know if i would do pictures for her.  this was awesome!  i was overjoyed and excited to get her family a spot on my calendar.  the weather in november was a little soggy, but we managed to sneak in an afternoon session at the galleano winery in mira loma.  

brock is a heart-breaker in training

michelle & family - thank you for chancing that rainy afternoon with me.  we had a great time, didn't we?  i am so glad we were able to meet. i had a wonderful time with all of you.  brock - you're such a good sport; always willing to pose and be the perfect model.  morgan - your sass is super.  i love it and i love that we captured some of it in our pictures.  wishing you all a wonderful 2012 and i am hopeful i get to see you soon. XO

check out miss morgan, she is all sass

friend #3

that same week i heard from devin.  she was part of the baseball crew and wanted in on a photo session.  i was in heaven.  i could not have asked for a more beautiful family.  mom and dad are gorgeous and have 3 adorable boys that kept myself and my assistant, sandra on our toes.  they even brought their two grandmas in for some of the fun.

when do parents with 3 boys ever get any time alone?  rarely.

this little angel playing peek-a-boo
 a striking couple - they were sure to have handsome boys!
devin and family - you all were incredible to photograph. thank you for giving me the opportunity. 
i loved what we captured for your family.  your boys are all so handsome and were such good sports during our time together.  the two grandmas were super cool to hang out with, too.  these boys are lucky to have some strong women in their lives and a really cool dad.  hope the new year is good to you and hope to see all of you real soon. XO

such a cutie -  i had to showcase his shiner. it's what being a boy is all about!

these boys have two of the coolest grandmas around!
i was fortunate enough to have had a busy holiday season for photo sessions. these are only a couple of the sessions and more will be posted in the coming weeks.  in addition to the photo sessions that were scheduled, the best part of the holidays was seeing the cards come in the mailbox with pictures i had taken.  what an experience. i loved every one of them!  XO aj