Friday, September 30, 2011

Swept Away...

Swept away... blown away is more like it! Yesterday was an sensational and emotional day.  I began my morning like I normally do - get my people up, dressed and ready to go.  We headed out early to run some errands.  Along the way I had planned to treat my littles to a yummy donut and early morning haircut.  My plan was cut short by a text I received while sitting in the donut shop.

"Where are you??" the text said.  "Are you home???"

"No. I am around the corner at the donut shop with the kids." I replied.

"Get home. I have a surprise for you." 

"Can you leave it on the doorstep? We'll be home soon." I typed.

"No." was the only reply I got.

Hmm....  "Can you bring it to me?" I asked.  "We are getting our hair cut."  

"No. You need to get your @$$ home now." she demanded.

Geesh, I thought to myself. What the heck is so important that I needed to get home ASAP?? What was going on?? Is it a puppy or something she couldn't leave unattended on my doorstep until I got home?  I was about to find out.

My kiddos were confused about why we packed up so quickly and walked back to the car.  

"Momma, I thought I was getting a haircut."  my daughter whined.

"Where are we going?" my son asked.

I explained to them that mommy's friend was at our house and we needed to go see her real quick.  Later we could come back and get a haircut.  This satisfied them for a moment although I faced a barrage of questions on the short ride home.  

"Mommy, why is your friend there?  Who is there?  Where is she?  What is she doing?" And so on.  All I could answer was "I don't know.  We'll find out as soon as we get there."

I pulled my car into the driveway to see two of my closest girlfriends waiting for me. I rolled down the window.  

"What are you doing?" I asked as I slid out of the driver's seat.  I had expected to chat with them for a minute, see what was up then head right back to our errands.

"Who runs errands at 8 o'clock in the morning?  Where were you?  We need you home today. " they said.

What were they talking about? I run errands early in the morning so I can get it done and out of the way.  I don't move very fast these days so I've got to make every minute count.  I was at the donut shop, the dry cleaners, the bank and about to get my kids' hair cut.  Why do I have to be home today?

They handed me a lovely orchid and a card.  
One girlfriend explained: "I am here to take your kiddos for the day."
My other friend simply stated: " You have house cleaners coming in 5 minutes." 
WHAT???  The emotions hit deep and quick.  Tears poured down my face underneath my sunglasses.  I could hardly breath. It was one of those moments where I couldn't even speak. How could they do this?  They didn't have to do this.  Who was responsible for this awesome gift??

I opened the card to find signatures and messages from an amazing group of women.  These women learned about my recent health challenges and wanted to help me and my family.  They collectively raised enough money and arranged for house cleaners to come into my home and clean it from top to bottom.  My heart swelled.  This took me completely by surprise.  I was swept away - literally.  

"Mommy, what's wrong?" my kids asked.  
"It's alright."  I assured them.  "Mommy is very happy right now."
I felt like Ed McMahon with Publisher's Clearing House had showed up on my door step. And I was one of those crazy winners who stood there speechless,crying with my hands shaking. Yes, that was me. 

"Your husband knows about this.  He gave us his blessing.  It took a little while, but he agreed to let us do this for you."  they explained.

These women had coordinated with my husband to arrange the date and time for the cleaning.  My kiddos went to one friend's home for the afternoon for a play date.  They would surely be happier there than running under foot during the cleaning.  I was comfortable knowing they were in good hands and having fun with some of their best buddies.

Ten minutes later, a car pulled up and a cute little husband and wife team knocked on my front door.  
"Hello." They said. "We understand your friends want us to clean your house."  Those words were sweet music to my ears.  Since I have gotten sick, my home and cleaning it has become less of a priority for me.  I look around and see the mess.  I know that it needs cleaning, but the desire and the energy level just hasn't been there.  The loss of dexterity in my fingers and my hands make it very difficult to do some of the house work that I would like to do. 
"Yes!" I replied excitedly.  I showed them around and they got to work.  Boy, did they work. And they worked.  And they worked.  And they worked.  For almost 5 hours they worked.  They cleaned parts of my house that have not been touched since we moved in almost 10 years ago.  I pushed my embarrassment aside and let them do their thing.  

Several times throughout the day, the dust would be flying and I would get emotional all over again.  The tears would come and I still couldn't believe what my friends had done for me.  All I could do was shake my head in awe.  Amazing. 

I woke up this morning and looked over their card again.  I ran my fingers over the signatures and sweet messages.  To everyone who contributed, I hope you understand how much your gift means to me.  You have touched me deeply.  I am indebted and grateful for your generosity.  My family and I appreciate you. I am a better person because I surround myself with women like you.  Thank you.  
All my love,  XOXO


  1. I love act of love and kindness like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. You have such a great group of supporting, thoughtful, caring friends!

    xo Suedoo