Sunday, October 30, 2011

teper family: there is more than one way to create a family

there is more than one way to create a family.  adoption is one of the ways families are created.   adoption is the legal process that allows someone to become a parent of a child,even though they may not related by blood.  in reality, adoption is much,much more.

opening your heart and your home to a child is one of the most generous things anyone could ever do.  the teper family is hoping for the opportunity.  they are on the bumpy and often emotional roller coaster ride known as adoption.  they are opening themselves and their family up and hoping for a chance to expand their crew. 

being a parent is a self-less career.  parenting (good parenting) requires your full attention, full-time.  the demand of children can be all-consuming, but SO worth it.  being a parent is also one of the most amazing privileges you commit to.  as a parent you witness small miracles every day.

marisa told me about their decision to adopt.  she told me her family has to assemble a profile and package for prospective parents to look at.  the package needs to tell their story and express why they want to adopt a child.  pictures should be included in their packet.  we set a date, got her man and her son together at the park and shot some pictures.  

my wish is for the teper family to be selected for an adoption - soon.  my wish is for the prospective parent to see what a loving and warm environment their baby could be raised in.  these 3 have a strong bond and would be delighted to make their crew a family of 4.   
dave works hard to provide a good life for his family.  marisa is a full-time, hands-on mom who helps coach her son's baseball team.  cameron is a quiet boy, incredibly intelligent and kind.  he will be a terrific big brother. any child will be blessed to grow up in their home and be protected by their hearts. good luck to all of you this journey. xox aj

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