Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have My Cake & Eat It Too

every once in a while i get to have my cake and eat it, too.  this past weekend i was lucky enough to do just that.  i assisted kamee june photography with hosting her "small business workshop" and soaked up some education from an amazing teacher.  other photographers looking to build their businesses got their learn-on and at the end of the day we were treated to a stylized shoot.  what a treat, indeed!!  our theme for the afternoon was "beach-y" and boy, was it HOT!  our model, justine serrano is gorgeous inside and out.  this girl does not take a bad picture.  
the glamor - hair and makeup was all handled by our stylist, jessica hale-fredrick.  
needless to say, the afternoon flew by.  everyone at the workshop gained some serious knowledge from kamee june.  it was uplifting to see these photographers work with each other, learn from each other and network together.  so inspiring!  hope some of the pictures i snapped inspire you, too.

just a peek...
who says there's no beach in corona?

love this sunlight.  it looks like butter.

a HUGE thank you to kamee june photography for allowing me to work with you.  i am grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by someone with your talent and even more appreciative of  your friendship.
jessica - can you make me look this good??  seriously,... your knack for beauty is awesome!
justine - you are a sweet, intelligent and beautiful young woman - so refreshing to be around.  i really look forward to working with you again.
everyone who attended the workshop - did you have as much fun as i did?!??  i learned SO much and ran home to plug in my camera and check out my shots.  thank you for letting me be a part of your day.  i was enlightened by all of you and learned a little something from everyone.  here's to watching your businesses grow!  best of luck to all of you.  


  1. amazing pitures Amanda!!!Wow!!! - Dina

  2. Great pics! Model is gorgeous! Okay, I am going for a run right now, cuz i want to look like that! lol!