Friday, November 18, 2011

Bledstein Family: In Between Raindrops

bledstein family: in between raindrops

this weather has been crazy but i love it.  the cool fall weather and rain actually make southern california feel like we are experiencing some seasons. yay!!  
my friend and her family took a chance with me and we danced in between raindrops one afternoon.  i am so glad we did.  we had a blast and captured some great shots.  

the morning we were supposed to meet, it was pouring rain.  we kept in contact all afternoon and had our fingers crossed that the clouds would part - even if just for a little while.   about an hour before we were scheduled to meet i called my friend: "do you want to meet?  i asked her.  "i'll leave it up to you." 
by then it was lightly sprinkling.  she lived close to where we were going to shoot pictures. 
"it is clear here. let's go for it!"  she said.
she was right.  the sprinkling stopped just as i pulled up and parked to meet her.  i could not believe it.  the clouds gave us some great cover and we set off for a walk with her family.
everything about our surroundings screamed: FALL!  the colors, the crisp smell of rain and wet leaves on the trees.  
it was perfect.   

the whole family
i love this shot of the girls playing in the tunnel

emily and family: thank you. i loved everything about our time together that afternoon.  i loved your girls' spirits. 
i loved your willingness to dance between raindrops with me.  i loved the opportunity to capture some fun memories for your family and i look forward to our time together again.
xoxo amanda jane


  1. you seem to be able to "capture" some incredible moments or "split seconds"......the "eyes" you capture are to the soul xox

  2. I love this post and all these pictures are gorgeous!