Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sisters: Sydney and Alex


"hey,... i've got a favor to ask of you." my friend, kim says while i am over visiting her one afternoon.
"what's up?" i ask.
"will you take sydney's senior pictures?"
i looked up at her in disbelief.  you want ME to take your daughter's senior high school portraits??? really??
"YES!" i jumped at the opportunity.
"of course i'd love to get pictures with both of my girls." she smiled at me.
"not a problem. i can't wait!! let's pick a date." and so we did.

a couple weeks later kim, sydney, alex and i met up to do some pictures of them.  we planned out where the pictures would be taken and what they would wear.  it was really fun to do this with them.  on the day of the shoot i had my trusty "wing man" sandra with me.  i love having her around.  she has a calming spirit and i love to hear her view and  opinions on what we are shooting.

now let me back up a little bit.  my friend kim is one of the first people i met when my husband and i moved to corona.  the stars were aligned just right because she and i were meant to be friends.  the moment i met kim, there was an instant connection. she has a warm heart and very giving spirit.  through kim, i have gotten to know her two amazing daughters: sydney and alex.  these girls are good.  they babysit my little people and i genuinely enjoy being around them both.  when they were younger, they looked so much alike that i would have sworn they were twins.  honestly, sometimes i had a hard time telling who was who. but in these last few years somethings have changed.  each girl is coming into her own and becoming their own woman; very much so.

alex is the younger sister; a junior in high school and she is an artist.

alex has a spirit much like her mother's.  she loves color and i've seen her with a paintbrush in her hands more times than i can count.  one night some of the ladies were visiting at kim's house and alex joined us.  she set up her easel and canvas and began to paint.  it was awesome to watch her talent create something extraordinary.

alex's decorating style is eclectic.  she has drawings covering almost every wall in her bedroom. and many of her favorite quotes are strewn on those walls as well.  i love that she knows exactly who she is and what her passion is at such a young age.  i envy that a little bit because at her age, i was still searching.
alex, keep that passion alive.  nurture it.  you are a budding young artist.  i hope you find a college that  encourages you to blossom into the artiste i know you will become.  i'm excited to watch where your talent takes you.

sydney just started her senior year of high school.  YIKES!  time has flown by watching her grow into such an intelligent and beautiful young lady.

give this girl her jeans and a pair of converse and she is happy.  isn't she a pretty scholar?  look at those books.  i know her brain is bubbling over with all that knowledge.

sydney, i love that you play a weekly game of monopoly with 4 of your closest friends.
i love that  you are a vintage soul who collects antiques and old vinyl records.  all teasing aside, i know your sister and your mom adore you.  how could they not? you are easy to adore.  this last year of high school is going to go by so quickly.  i know it doesn't feel like it right now, but it will.  my wish for you is that you soak up every minute.  have as much fun as possible and of course, get good grades. :)  this is the beginning of the end to a chapter for you and the next chapter - college life - is a whole new adventure. 
sisters playing "dress up"
growing up, i had always wished for a sister. i got 2 crazy brothers and used to dress the youngest one up like a girl - remember that, brian? - but if i had a sister, i would've wanted our relationship to be as solid as sydney and alex's is.
sydney, kim , and alex
the fact that these girls have their heads on straight is due largely in part to their awesome, kim and their mellow dad, tim.  you both have a done an amazing job of raising these two girls into amazing young women.  they give me hope for our future and my little people's future.  they are a bright light.  
good luck girls!!  


  1. Great job girl! You're progressing so well, it excites me to see you advancing in this passion. I know how much fun it is and such a release of stress. They look great!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I love these...they turned out so great and captured the girls, and the location so well. Awesome job my friend...and you know I'll be your wingman anyday!! Love you lots.

  3. Love it Amanda!! Your photography is so beautiful! Kim picked an excellent person to do her daughter's senior photography!!! I love all the kind and positive words you have to say!