Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Think I've Got a Princess on my Hands

princess G

when i was pregnant with my daughter i was adamant with friends and family that i did not want any clothing with "princess" or "diva" imprinted on it.  i liked the color pink and loved the color purple.  i did not mind "girly" things but for some reason the words: princess and diva got me all anxious.

thank goodness my friends and family listened to the grumblings of a crazy pregnant lady.  i told them that if my daughter decided she loved princesses and wanted go that route, fine.  but let her decide what she liked.  i didn't want her coming in to the world with a title like that being pushed on to her.  (i know, my friends still roll their eyes at me.)

G and some of her Princess Friends

well it turns out that my daughter LOVES princesses.  i wouldn't say she is a diva, but the girl definitely knows what she wants.  she wants pink.  she wants pretty.  she wants sparkles.  she can't get enough shoes and purses.  in all honesty, i love it.  this is the same girl who plays dress up in all her pretty clothes then will go outside and dig in the dirt while wearing her princess shoes.  you have to respect a girl who isn't afraid to get dirty but also appreciates the finer things in life.  

my daughter and her friends had an opportunity to play dress up at the chick-fil-a princess night last week.  she was beside herself with excitement.  we got her all dressed up in a pink sleeping beauty gown with matching sparkle princess shoes, a crown and her jewels.  a girl after my own heart, she accessorized with the perfect handbag.  to make the night really special, we added some sparkle make up to her eyelids and some clear sparkle lip gloss.  my girl was in heaven.  we arrived at chick-fil-a to find a horse drawn carriage waiting for us along with our very own prince charming.
G and her Prince Charming
she had a great time with her brother and her friends.  i had a great time watching her.  she tells everyone who will listen that she is going to be ariel, the little mermaid for halloween.  we are in the beginning stages of planning her ariel birthday party too.  you know what?  it's okay that she likes to be a princess.  my girl is discovering who she is.  i tell her all the time: be the princess you want to be and do it well.  wear all the pink you want to wear.   
your mama loves you, g.  you make me smile every day.  xoxo

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